Muir Valley

Crown Jewel of the Red River Gorge

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Don't miss out on visiting this Red River Gorge landmark. Rub shoulders with local climbing legends, play darts, enjoy world famous gourmet hot dogs and draft beers. On weekends local music artists make a visit to the "Station" a real down home party:  Facebook page:

Sky Bridge Station


While CAMP is best known for lightweight and innovation, this climbing/camping gear company delivers superior value. Research and development is the core of the company, preceded only by our long tradition in metallurgy and manufacturing. CAMP has been manufacturing climbing gear for more than 120 years and enjoys a sterling reputation for quality gear in the climbing community. Website:


Sterling offers a large comprehensive line of climbing gear including ropes that are recognized worldwide as some of the finest available to climbers. Website:

Bluewater Ropes

Bluewater Ropes is a climbing company. It is a family-owned American rope manufacturer with climbing ropes foremost in mind. Its roots trace back to the family textile business that began manufacturing in Georgia in 1903. Its modern history began in 1969 when it manufactured the first American-made kernmantle caving rope. Bluewater was the first American rope company to make a dynamic climbing rope and ever since has continued to provide the climbing community with some of the finest climbing ropes in the world.  Website:

Wolverine Publishing

Wolverine Publishing is renown for publishing award winning rock climbing guidebooks, including the Red River Gorge South and North Guidebooks.  Website:

ClimbStuff is founded on a simple mission, to provide quality and trusted climbing equipment while providing a platform of education and participation to protect and maintain the resources we cherish as a community.


ClimbStuff donates 5% of all sales to the access and management organization of your choice.  Our goal is to connect you with the issues that matter and allow you to make a difference with each dollar spent.  Website:


B.A.Gear™ is a company making products built, tested, and designed by the people who use them. "We love the outdoors and believe it is a place to explore and enjoy. Keeping this in mind, we are building products for everyone. It is our intention to make your day-to-day adventures more organized and enjoyable!" Website:

Belay Specs

Belay Specs are belay glasses that can improve belayer comfort while improving belayer attentiveness. Belay Specs use light "bending" prisms which allow the belayer to look up without bending their neck. Eliminating extreme neck bending minimizes typical belay discomfort, allowing belayers to keep a constant eye on their partners and provide a better, more responsive belay. Website:

Black Jewell Popcorn

What makes Black Jewell Popcorns better? All our corn is verified Non-GMO and carefully inspected under the watchful eye of our popcorn professionals. This ensures only the cleanest, highest quality kernels make it from the fields into our processing plant. These lucky kernels are then sent through a pre-cleaning process to filter out any unwanted debris. After pre-cleaning, they are taken into the plant one batch at a time to be further cleaned and tested. When the kernels are absolutely clean and the moisture just right, they are jarred, bagged, boxed, and shipped ready to be popped and enjoyed.  Website:

La Sportiva

La Sportiva makes high quality technical products to explore the outdoors. This small family-owned business, located in the foothills of the Dolomites, is known worldwide for its skilled craftsmen and women specializing in footwear for mountaineering, hiking, climbing, and running. La Sportiva climbing shoes can be seen on many living climbing legends.  Website:


Metolius' passion is rock climbing and their focus is designing and building the safest and best climbing gear for Big Wall, Trad, Sport, Bouldering, Mountaineering, Indoor Climbing Gyms and Training. Innovation, clean designs, the best materials, and burly, overbuilt construction have earned Metolius Climbing a well deserved reputation in the rock climbing world  Website:


Petzl provides the climbing community with some of the best rock climbing gear available today. The Petzl name is considered by many to be the Rolls Royce of mountaineering and climbing gear. The company is also known for their significant contributions toward safe climbing with an extensive library of training info and videos on their website.  Website:


REI offers great climbing, hiking, and climbing gear; adventure trips, expert-conducted instruction and expert advice on a wide variety of outdoor adventures. The Cincinnati REI store equips many climbers who come to the Red to climb. It is located at: 2643 Edmondson Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209

P: (513) 924-1938  Website:


Scarpa is world renown for its climbing shoes and foot ware for the great outdoors. the firm has been serving the climbing and mountaineering community for almost eight year, being one of the first to provide this special kind of footware.  Website:


Check out their website listed below for some of the finest footware for climbers available today. Many masters of stone can be seen donning Evolv climbing shoes.  Website:


Offering the very best in backpacks, bags, and accessories for climbers, hikers, and mountaineers. Special sizing services are offered on their website listed below.


Asana Climbing is proud of its "Everything Bouldering" mantra and is deeply committed to supporting climbers and the climbing community. Asana is a manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer of almost everything a boulderer/climber may want or need. They build custom landing systems for climbing gyms, personal outdoor bouldering pads, climbing gym climbing holds, chalk bags, and climbing packs, chalk and lifestyle clothing. .

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