Muir Valley

Crown Jewel of the Red River Gorge

Route Development


The rock climbing routes in Muir Valley were established by many different rock climbers from all over the world. These folks enjoy discovering new cliff faces to climb and figuring out how to protect climbing a particular line by installing rock anchors at key locations on it. Those route developers who put up routes at Muir Valley were experienced and skilled in this type of work.


Developing and equipping a route with anchors is an extremely laborious, grimy task performed by unsung heroes. For the most part, the climbing public has no idea just who established the breathtaking routes on which they climb—in Muir Valley and the rest of the world.


As climbers we owe a huge "Thank You" to these folks who gave of their time, money, and effort to create the  vertical playgrounds that we rock climbers enjoy.


Muir Valley was initially developed by numerous experienced route developers including: Karla Carandang Hancock, Jared Hancock, JJ Jones, Mike Susko, and Tim Powers­—a group that called themselves "Team Muir." These five were joined by others including: Andrew Gearing, Mike Trabel, Rick Weber, Craig Luebben, Kipp Trummel, Barry Brolley, Mark Ryan, Jenny Wagner Ryan, Skip Wolfe, Amy Moore, Jeff Colombo, Dave Fromke, Rob Copeland, Sarah Gross, Kris "Odub" Hampton, Greg Martin, Brian Boyd, Greg Purnell, Yasmeen Fowler, Ed Griffiths, Tom Kwasny, Loren Wood, Josh Thurston, Greg Purnell, Isaac Heacock, Ryan Jones, Eric Anderson, Dustin Stephens, Natasha Fischer, and Reese Nelson.


Route development in Muir Valley continues, but at a slower pace as the availability of good lines on Muir's seven miles of cliff face diminishes.




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